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About the Program

The AzureLIVE Rewards program is a rewards and affiliate program which allows people to register by invitation, either directly from one of the participating companies or from a contact, and by so doing gain discount vouchers which can be used on participating websites.

Participating websites are and

After registration, a user will be able to access a discount code which can be used on participating websites to gain discounts available to AzureLIVE Rewards users only.


A signed up user can send a discount voucher to their contacts via Email, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIN, thus giving the same opportunity to secure a valuable discount to their friends and contacts.

When a friend or contact signs up to AzurLIVE, the referrer will get another 10% discount voucher, and when they book on one of the participating websites, the referring contact will ALSO get a 50 Euros cash voucher, which can either be used against their own booking, or it can be redeemed for CASH at 50% of the facevalue